Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall At The Farm

Hello, come on in and share the fall season with us. I'll get you a cup of coffee and some apple crisp to eat while we talk about the time of year that is "the harvest."

When nighttime temperatures dip into the 40s, and the smell of a wood burning fire drifts over the farm, I know it won't be long until I light my harvest or pumpkin spice candles and snuggle under a soft throw with my dogs on the couch--all sure signs fall has arrived.

Everywhere we look we are beginning to see and feel the signs of autumn. And the gloomy, cooler days of this week are certainly a contrast from the consecutive 90 degree temperatures we had the previous week. It seems summer's last September heatwave only enhanced autumns arrival. This was just the push I needed to insist the hubby make the trek to the basement and bring up the bins marked "Fall" and "Halloween." Each year I can't wait to  dig in and see what all I have in there. You see, I come from a family of seasonal/holiday decorators. We take this very seriously and you will find many bins in our attics and basements labeled with St. Patrick's Day, Valentine's Day, Fourth of July, my husband jokes that we may have a "President's Day" box down there somewhere. Truth be told, he may be right.

So, the stage was set. I put leaves on the mantle, pumpkins all around, mums by the front door, and scarecrows in the ground. All these additions, coupled with the early nights and cooler temperatures outside have certainly made the house feel, warm, cozy and secure.

I have been admiring my bloggy buddies decorations and getting inspiration along the way. Dog Trot Farm has me frantically looking for crows to add to my menagerie but I can't find a cute crow to save my life.  Perhaps if I got rid of the scarecrows I would have a better chance.

Are you ready for fall?  Have you decorated your home, cottage or nest? What do you like to do on a beautiful harvest evening?

Happy Fall, friends,


Carla said...

Beautiful decorating!
So which one of those things did you purchase on your trip to the County LIving Fair? :)

Unknown said...

What beautiful displays!

I am definitely ready for fall. We picked out our mums last weekend, but it has been two wet to do much decorating outdoors. I agree, Dog Trot Farm has lovely decorations too, I love her witches shoes!

Be well ~Andrea~

Unknown said...

Thanks for stopping by Blue Sky Farm site. I got my crow at Fred Meyer in the seasonal decorations. If you have that store near you..Or try Michaels or Joanns. Your pictures are great . Isn't decorating for the Seasons fun?

Farm Girl said...

So very pretty and so fall like, even if you have been in the 90s it gives me hope for cooler weather.
It looks so nice.
Tomorrow is October so Happy Fall!
Thank you always for your kind comments Amy.

Maura @ Kisiwa Creek Photography said...

Hi Amy!
I LOVE your front door...look at all that beveled glass! You've done a wonderful job of decorating for fall and I especially love the wagon and the straw bale,scarecrow and foddershocks(?) etc. Fall is my favorite time of year and I need to get out there and find what I've got stored away. We've been here over a year now but last fall we were just finishing our inside renovations and had a new pup. This year that 'new pup' is still chewing things so I've got to be careful what I put out there. Your place looks wonderful! Have a great day.
Maura :)

Unknown said...

Pure loveliness...

Love the wagon!



Beth said...

Fall is my favorite! I'm not quite ready to pull out the pumpkins and fall leaves, but i'm close. Will wait until the daily high gets closer to 70, instead of 90. =)

My favorite part of fall is the smell in the air. I don't know why it smells so good, but it's wonderful.

Chicken Wrangler said...

I should get going more with decorating, but I've done just a few little touches around the house here. So busy with errands this week, and that zaps a lot of my energy! Love that wagon with flowers - your pictures are great!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Love the decorations!! But that wagon/cart is my very fave.. perfect! -Tammy

Angela said...

Aren't you glad that Fall has finally arrived! I know I am! Your decorations are just so gorgeous! I think I seen a few crows either at Target or the Dollar Tree recently. I know I seen them. I went to the Half Way Market in Milton today and bought some mums, pumpkins and gourds.

Happy Fall!

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Everything looks just like fall. My favorite is your wagon. If I lived near your farm I would be rubber necking everytime I'd ride by.

peggy said...

Hi Amy, just visiting you tonight after seeing your comment on The Farm blog. Your decorations are beautiful, especially the wagon. I like crows too and make a few myself from painted muslin. They're easy, you could do it. I love finding new blogs and seeing what people in other parts of the country are liking. Frost is predicted here in Michigan on Monday. That will make the colors pop. Best wishes to you and your farm.

Kritter Keeper at Farm Tails said...

looks awesome! where did you get your fodder? was it cheap? wow, all the mums are very pretty and the scarecrow looks right at home!!

Maureen said...

Your horse buggy looks spectacular! It brings back fond memories of my dad. Thanks for sharing.

Karen Thomason/Gordon Setter Crossing said...

Very pretty. I particularly like the gourd with a face. Very cute!

Razzberry Corner said...

I just want to come over for some apple crisp, please!!

John Going Gently said...

yes amy
autumn IS here!!!

Teri said...


Glenda said...

So happy you found me, so I could find your wonderful blog. Going to take a look around.
love this time of year

Vintage Country Girl said...

What beautiful decorations you have....especially the wagon and pumpkins and mums outside...oh my! I'm a little jealous. By the way, thanks for becoming my follower, I'm gonna become one of yours, you have great ideas!

Enjoy's my favorite season too!


Country Gal said...

I was blog searching and came upon yours. Its wonderful, great photos and posts I am now following and will look forward to reading about your neck of the woods ! Have a great weekend !

Kent Island Red said...

I LOVE your decorations - especially the one with the wagon. Everything looks straight out of the pages of Martha Stewart's Living magazine.
Thanks for the great ideas :-)

Farm Girl said...

Thanks for your comments on why you like fall Amy. I think really I am looking forward to the slower pace too. I don't think I have stopped chopping weeds since Jan. I am ready for a break. You asked about my Great, great grandfather. Yes, it killed him. My grandmother was born 4 weeks later so it always was something she acted weird about. The were Scotch and very superstitious.
It was like it marked her somehow.
She grew up with her grandmother and not her own folks. My great grandparents were first cousins.
They had to leave Virgina because of the taboo. They always thought they were cursed.
So when he was struck by lightening it was like a judgment.
My grandmother would tell me the story and cry just like it had happened the day before and she hadn't even been born.
The thing was they were highly educated for the time.
Thanks for asking. It has always intrigued me. My grandmother always claimed she had second sight and she couldn't wear a watch because it wouldn't work very long and she could use a divining rod. So who knows. :)

Jen Kershner said...

That door! That door is perfection! And that wagon...seriously? Is that yours? Now I want one. I have no place for one, but still!

Shannan Martin said...

So festive!!! This is why we all love Fall so much.

Jen said...

Love the fall decorations! Way cute. Love how your blog is set up too... gonna go look around and check it out. Thanks for stopping by my little blog :)